Changing Locations AND Nights – Endgame

We now have a firm offer from Rebecca of Rebecca’s coffee house in South Park to move our meetings there.  But, she can only accommodate us on Wednesday nights.  From 7pm-10pm.  Every week.  It’s a very good place for us, with lots of tables she will push together for us.

Potentially, we could move anytime, but it would be way more convenient to move once we begin our new schedule on July 1.  Or, we could stay at Filter.

I need to know how many of you (1) agree we should do this, and (2) would definitely keep coming to the group.  I will ask the group this Thursday and we need to decide.  Alternatively, you can just email me or call.

Here is a map of the new location.  It’s at the corner of Juniper and 30th Street — 30th is where we are now, but Rebecca’s is further south.  Most of us would just get off at the 805’s University Ave exit and go south a while.

(Also, since we don’t know what we’re going to do yet, please do not mention this topic around the Filter owners!)


One response

  1. We used to meet on Wednesday nights, back at the Living Room, and it seemed to work fine. I would still come when work commitments allow.

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