This Week’s Mtg: The Fall of Rome (5/27/10)

The Roman Empire has fallen.  It was in all the papers.  Very sadly, we lack a speaker, as Ken cannot participate in the group anymore at Filter.  He was banned from Filter by the owner, Steve, after he and Ken got into an argument last week.  See the my post below (or here) for details and what we might do about this.  .

Since Ken was our expert on this historical period specifically, we need to scramble.  If you know anyone who knows something about this topic, please ask them to come, and then let me know.  (Jim Z — how are you on this stuff?)  If we don’t really know enough as a group to have a long conversation, then we could either:

  1. Talk about the whole “Are-We-Rome” idea; i.e., are America’s best days behind us and why do empires decline anyway?; or
  2. Switch by 8pm to some of the juicy current events in the news, like the BP oil spill, financial reform that just passed the Senate, Wiley E. Rand Paul, Genius, etc.

Here are a few links on the vast topic of the fall of Rome:


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