Bad News

Some bad news.  Last Thursday after the meeting, Ken and the owner of Filter got into a pretty heated argument, and he banned Ken from the coffee house permanently.  I was not there for most of it, but what happened is that at 9:45 Steve came up to the 5-6 of us still left and demanded that we leave Filter immediately because he and Gary had agreed that our meetings must end at 9:30.

We were only occupying one-half of the table (at my suggestion), so that other people could use it.  One guy was already computing there.  I figured this would be enough to honor our committment to leave at 9:30, but Steve took great offense.  He probably feels that when he makes an agreement with the group, “we” don’t honor it.  Anyway, Ken said how unfair he thought this was, and it escalated to the point where Steve literally told Ken he could not come back ever.

I’m not sure what to do about this.  As long as we have no other options, we are stuck.  I will contact Rebecca’s coffee house in South Park again this week.  She told me once that she could reserve a table for us on Mondays or Tuesdays but not Thursdays.  I will report back on this blog ASAP and we will discuss it at the meeting.  In the meantime please think about whether you would be willing to move locations and to another night of the week.  I will ask on Thursday and will need an answer.

At any rate, we will all miss Ken if we end up staying at Filter, and we owe him a debt of gratitude for his loyalty and for his many, many insightful comments over the years.



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  1. […] by the owner, Steve, after he and Ken got into an argument last week.  See the my post below (or here) for details and what we might do about this.  […]

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