Income/Education Levels of U.S. Religion Groups

How great was last night?  If you weren’t there, a very nice couple showed up who were Hindu and had spent a lot of time in India.  Extemporaneously, they gave a wonderful presentation, and answered many questions, on Hare Krishnaism, Hinduism, and Indian culture and politics.

If you’re reading this, you two, we thank you both again.  Come back anytime.

Relatedly, here is a link that shows income and educational attainment levels for each major religious group in the United States.  Just click on the “Demographics” icon, then on the little arrows next to Income, Education, etc.  I once saw all of the income information summarized in a cool bar graph, but I can’t find it now.  Still, the tables give you a sense of which group is where by these two (and several others like age and gender) measures.  The sections (other icosns) on Beliefs and Political views are interesting, too.


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