IMPORTANT: We May Have to End Our Meetings At 9:00pm

The owners have informed Gary that they want us to end our meetiings by 9pm.   Now that Filter is packed, I guess they don’t want us taking up space for too long.  They also told Gary we are too big and too noisy and block access to the bathrooms.

What to do?  We were thinking of obeying the rule, obviously, for the time being, plus the following:

  1. Start on time at 7pm sharp to make the most of our 2 hours.
  2. No opening presentations longer than 20 minutes, except possibly for any very technical topics.
  3. Breaking up formally at 9:00pm, but keeping our seats at 1/2 of the table so we can continue to hang out.  We’ll just leave the other half open without our coats and stuff, for others.  This worked last Thursday.
  4. Stop hindering bathroom access;  Sit only one chair deep on that side, no more presentations conducted from that side of the table, etc.  Maybe we could subtly move the table 6-inches farther away.

While we do this:

  • Gary and David will explore other coffee houses to see if we could move or at least give us some leverage in negotiating with Filter.
  • Solicit your input on whether to approach Filter’s owners again.  They wanted us out at 8:30.  Gary countered with 9:00, and Ken thinks they just want us out, period, because they don’t like us and we don’t fit their young, hipster profile.



3 responses

  1. Don’t go, where you are not wanted, is generally a good motto; and I think it applies here.
    Filter has a nice table for us, true, but they are getting too noisy, too crowded, and
    seem to be becoming obnoxious.

    If we can find another place, we should leave.

  2. Finding a place with a big table, food, and coffee isn’t easy. As a long-toothed member, I know from experience.

    I don’t think Steve is tired of us and wants us to leave. I still consider myself a hipster — an arthritic hip-ster.

    Two hours is plenty of time for a formal discussion. A deadline might keep us better on topic. We can always “talk amongst ourselves” at the other tables, outside, or regroup at a nearby bar.

  3. Just would like to suggest the Libertalia cafe in Hillcrest as a possible alternative.
    They actually have a separate, though small,
    room we could use; I think they would have us.

    I know there are drawbacks, lack of parking being one, and I personally do not agree with their ideology and would not want the group to be identified with it.

    Just a thought…

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