A Call for Topics

A memo with the following information will be handed out at tomorrow’s next week’s (4/22) meeting.


A Call for topics

It’s time for new topics pretty soon.  This memo is (1) a call for suggestions by June 1; and (2) notice that we will discuss at the next meeting (April 22) whether to change the topic selection process. 


  • By June 1, if you have any ideas, please either add them anywhere on our website or submit them to Gary or DavidG.
  • Subjects are Politics, Religion, Philosophy, Science, and History.
  • Some people are tired of political topics; others don’t like the drift towards science, etc.  I think we should continue to have a mix of subject areas to please different tastes.  We can discuss this at a meeting if people want.
  • You will not be expected—or pressured—to give the presentation for any topic you suggest.  We don’t even have to have a presentation every time.
  • When thinking of topics, try to keep in mind it’s a discussion.  Topics shouldn’t be too narrow or technical.  If they are obscure, they need to be expandable so everyone can participate.


  • For the last year or two, we have had a 3-person committee select topics from a list of member suggestions.  Gary is the permanent member, plus two others picked from the group more or less at random.  Norm has been on it, DavidG, both Jims, Linda, and others.  No one has been on it twice.  We usually do about 3 months worth.  Topics used to be limited to politics, religion, and philosophy,, but we’ve been doing science and history, too.
  • Some people want us to change the process or at least vote at a meeting on whether to keep the current arrangement.  Some options:
    • Keep current system.
    • DavidG wants to be a permanent member.  I select one-third of the topics anyway, know the politics and history pretty well, run the website, etc.  But, that would leave only one rotating position.
    • Entire group votes on topic selection at a meeting.  Democratic, but maybe a mess.

So, submit any topics by June 1, and next week after Hare Krishna-ism we will discuss whether to change our process. 


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