Catholic Church Abuse Scandals

Here’s a great comment from one of my favorite bloggers.  This guy is a very thoughtful Buddhist, and manages the “what is Buddhism” section of  My paraphrased summary would be:

Every large organization contains people who do bad things, and sometimes truly awful things.  Every.  One.  The measure of the organization is not how many of its members are perverts, but how they handle it.  Do they close ranks and cover up, or do they act to stop it and prevent it in the future?  For an institution devoted to advancing human morality to do this is really, really, bad.

Read the whole thing…


7 responses

  1. Probably wishful thinking…but I don’t think we’ll get to the bottom of it until
    we put Holy Father on the stand and get some
    straight answers.

  2. Another point which has struck me: Holy Father has shown the utmost ferocity and zeal in striking down anyone who would
    deviate by one jot or tittle from his official ideology. This indeed has been the
    focus of his career since the 1980s.
    And it is in such striking contrast to the leniency with which he has treated pedophile
    I believe anyone who studies his record must
    be impressed by this point.

  3. Just when you thought science and religion didn’t mix, the scientific method is being tasked to prove heaven exists. Check out this Slashdot post:

  4. It was mentioned at the meeting that, because of shortage of priests in Minn.,
    they were being imported from India.

    Well, it turns out one of the Indian priests
    is wanted for abuse. However, he will apparently be staying in India:

  5. I mentioned at the meeting my idea of putting the HF in the dock and getting some
    straight answers.
    Well, it may happen. There is a plan to arrest the Holy Father during his visit to
    Britain in September:,5415,Richard-Dawkins-I-will-arrest-Pope-Benedict-XVI,Marc-Horne—-TimesOnline,page2#478580

    Know any holy relics I could pray to?

  6. The smoking gun for the pope may have been found. See:

    It just keeps getting worse and worse.

  7. This was an appalling case. Tying up and raping two pre-teen boys! My God! (so to speak).

    And yes, Ratzinger is on the record. One wonders how many more such cases have to be
    discovered, before he is brought to justice.

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