History Reference Sources and Blogs

Boy, does this group like to talk about history, especially military history.  But, did you know that there is a HUGE on-line world of history reference tools, articles, and blogs?  As a public service, here are a few.  When visiting any one of them, make sure to look at their links.  It’s endless, but you can probably find some sites that specialize in what you’re interested in.

The mother lodehistoryofwar.org  This is just vast. Over  3,000 full-text articles, entire histories of WWI, WWII, the Napoleonic wars, and the U.S. civil war.  Links to top books on each subject, etc. 

Just one of many history-oriented blogs:    http://warhistorian.org/wordpress/  Way cool entries on what if Franco had entered the war, and a liberal’s critique of Leftist foreign policy views.

Maps:  US Military Academy maps of major wars and battles.


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