Weekly Links for 3/28/10

I try not to use this blog as a personal soapbox.  One way to avoid is to provide a mix of weekly links that give at least somewhat different perspectives on the news and that won’t make anyone too angry.  But, events in this country of the last few weeks (and last 1-1/2 years, frankly) make that more difficult.  The wildly-out-of-proportion right wing response to health care reform and to Democrats’ excercise of ordinary legislative power cries out for explanation.  If we’re going to enter a disturbing new phase in our poliitics, we should at least try to understand why. 

These links begin that process, even though I don’t fully agree with some of what they say. 

Who’s Repsonsible for the Violence?

  • GOP leaders have spent 1-1/2 years stoking hysteria among poorly informed and emotional followers.
  • They had to know what they were doing.    
  • At the least, they should have known that many of their followers would take their rhetoric literally.  
    Is Something Else Going On?
  • At the very least, read this stinging indictment and call for all good conservatives to denounce extremism — not just violence but anti-democratic and eliminationist rhetoric.   

    Forgot the funny?  Never.  Read this classic of internet silliness.


    2 responses

    1. Whites tend to believe that HCR will help “the poor” and the “sick” but not themselves. Most poor people are white and most sick people are white.


    2. […] parties:  See here, and my previous post here, which linked to this sad lament by an alienated conservative, “How the GOP Purged Me.” […]

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