Campaign-Oriented Websites

As I promised last night, here are a couple of purely election- and/or electoral strategy-oriented websites. — This guy is just in a league of his own, on predicting races and other things.  He called the 2008 election in practically every detail and became famous in politics practically overnight.  He started off as a sports statistician, so — unlike 99% of political writers — understands how numbers work.

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball — Same sort of thing, from an academic elections specialist.  Good general info on what kinds of big factors/trends swing elections one way or the other.  — Top-notch commentary and daily lay-of-the-land blog posts and advice to Democrats.  Very centrist, although partisan.  —  Focuses on latest political poll results, less so on predicting future elections.  For hard-core polling junkies, mainly.


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