Weekly Links for 3/15/10

The “Coffee Party:”  This brand new group sure has been getting a lot of press coverage.  It seems to be intended to counter the Tea Party movement.  They’ve been vague about what they stand for and what they want to do.   I’m not sure they know yet.

Still, here is the organization’s website (no San Diego chapter yet, but the local news covered a meeting at Lestat’s coffee house last week).  And here’s an interview with the group’s founder.  You can also  find the org on Facebook.

California Politics;   Lord help us.  California has the most Liberal Democratic party AND the most Conservative Republican party of any of the 50 states!  And, of course, a 2/3 voting requirement to pass any budget.

Hunger in America:  Why do hunger and obesity exist side-by-side?  Counterintuitively, they are flip sides of the same problem.

HCR:  Four myths about health care reform.

Balancing the Budget:  

  1. Starve the beast: it’s put up or shut up time for GOP.
  2. Well, they tried, kind of.  Two weeks ago, GOP Rep. Paul Ryan issued his plan to balance the budget.  It got praise from the media and Republicans in Congress until the implications became clear.  The plan would raise taxes on 90% of Amearicans while slashing them dramatically for the wealthy, phase out Social Security and Medicare, etc.  And, turns out it still won’t balance the budget.

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