A Deeper Reason for GOP Obstruction? (fascinating)

A conservative pundit nails a fascinating reason behind the GOP’s kamikazi-like blocking of everything:

“Why is the Republican Party insisting on gridlock in Washington? Why is the Republican minority in California blocking necessary change? The Beltway pundits who attribute everything to electoral cycle gamesmanship do not understand the deeper cause of this scorched-earth policy: demographic decline.

“Having lost much of the white professional class to the Democrats (perhaps temporarily), the Republican Party is increasingly the party of the declining white working class…In these circumstances, the American white working class quite naturally is experiencing “demographic panic.” Declining groups experiencing such anxieties generally focus on blocking adverse change, using the political institutions they still control.

He goes on to point out that antebellum southernors did the same thing, as did declining old WASP northerners when all the immigrants started diluting their power.

He lists solutions, too, although they strike me as impractical.  Read the whole article for more


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