Weekly Links for 2/22/10


Don’t have much this week.

Question Time:  A movement has begun to institute “question time” between the President and Congress, like in the U.K.  Here’s the website advocating it, and here are some Q&A about the idea

Tea Party:  Even if they stay small, they pose a big problem for the GOP.

Health Care:  Democrats’ bills contain most of GOP’s ideas.  Fundamentally it is a conservative approach.   Obama has tried endlessly to accomodate GOP concerns and incorporate their ideas.

Can God and Darwin Get Along?  An interview, (um, with an expert, not with either of them).

Funny:  Always read The Onion for great fake news stories and headlines like: 
Tiger Woods Announces Return to Sex.   Also, the Onion does video newscasts, indistinguishable from the real thing, except it’s all fake.    Here’s one of the most ingenious ones I’ve ever seen.


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