This Week’s Mtg on Obama’s “Report Card”


This is one of those really broad topics that can swerve all over the place. Also, of course, Obama’s successes or failures are in the eyes of the beholder–there’s no concensus criteria for grading any president (even though I have mine, obviously). 

So, rather than lecturing on my precious opinion, I’m just going to list briefly (1) the problems Obama faced when he entered office, and (2) the promises he made to address them that presumably got him elected.

Then, ,just so we’re all on the same page, (3) I’ll list his actual achievements so far in each major area, and what he’s failed to get done.  What it all means is our discussion, not my lecture.

As for links, if I find any pithy summaries of Obama’s accomplishments, I’ll post them tomorrow.  For now, scroll down the lower right-hand corner of this site’s homepage (below the schedule and all the other stuff) and you’ll find “Obama Presidency” links, 4-5 excellent articles on Obama’s first year.

Also, I’ll have a handout on Thursday.  Just a simple outline, more to aid in the discussion than anythingi else.


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