Weekly Links for 2/15/10

This week, the one-year anniversary of the much-misunderstood stimulus bill, health care, Who are the tea party folk, and how the British political system works.


  • A recent poll shows, amazingly, that over 40% of the public thinks last year’s $700B stimulus bill either did no good at all or actually made the economy worse!  This shows how vulnerable people are to endlessly-repeated  conservative talking points on issues the public is particularly ignorant about.
  • But, the stimulus worked: It saved millions of jobs, helped millions keep their health insurance, and kept the U.S. economy from getting even worse .   It is beyond dispute.   This chart makes it pretty clear (click on the image to enlarge): 

    And, Republican lawmakers know it worked:  at last count, 111 of the 178 members of the House Republican caucus — more than half of the entire caucus — have either taken credit for stimulus-financed projects and/or requested stimulus money to help boost the economy in their area.  This hypocracy has been dubbed “trash and cash.”
  • FYI, What was actually in the stimulus?  See here.

Health Care



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