This Week’s Mtg on Amnesty Internat’l and the Death Penalty

Jim Z, who actually works for Amnesty International (!), will be the presenter and moderator.  Here are a few basic info sites, including one that supports the death penalty.

  1. Amnesty’s Death Penalty Fact Sheet.  This covers every aspect of the issue, including fairness (innocence/errors, racial disparities, mental illness), costs to taxpayers, relationship to international law, use in other countries, whether it deters crime, etc. 
  2. Similar:  Amnesty’s International’s pdf Questions and Answers on the Death Penalty   Also, AmnestyUSA homepage.
  3. Article:  The Broken Machinery of Death, 2001.
  4. (clunky site, but their substantive arguments are here).

2 responses

  1. I have taken a look at the pro-death penalty
    “arguments” I can only say that if anyone
    takes this gallimaufry of distortion, innuendo, and specious argument seriously,
    I hope they will come to the program on Thursday to learn a bit more about the issue.

  2. If people have not heard of the press controversy over Amnesty’s support of Mr. Begg, and the suspension of a staffer over it, they can read about him here:

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