This Week’s Mtg on Germany (1/28)

The toipic is, What Has Been Germany’s Contributions to Western Culture?”  Gary will present and moderate.  BTW – New policy: We’re going to rotate the job of moderator more.  From now on the presentor usually will be the moderator.  If no presentor, we’ll figure something out.

Not many links on this one.  I’m culturally semi-literate.  But…

  1. Wikipedia entry on “Culture of Germany.”  Short, with links to related Wiki sub-topics.
  2. A 10-page summary of German History.  (From the very interesting and useful site
  3. I can’t link to it because it’s behind a firewall, but ask me at the meeting about a brilliant essay I read.  It argued that the biggest project in European culture the last 50 years has been the Project to Forget–of disremembering that fascism and communism were very popular in manycountries and many peoples, that collaboration with both was widespread, and that there has been an unspoken concensus from 1945 onward (and 1989 onward) to blame it all on the Germans and Russians.

One response

  1. Want to learn German — or lots of other languages — browse to this link: The BBC has all sorts of audio/video tools for learning foreign languages.

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