Links for Week of 1/11/10

This week’s links cover the America’s future thing we talked about last night.  Also, Haiti, Islam’s future in Europe, and the gloomy budget deficit problem.  Plus, I added a few of the books I had last night on the bailouts to our Books We Like page, above.

  • Here is the Fallows article on America’s future that I talked about last night.  Here’s his blog/column at the same magazine (great stuff on China)
  • BTW, is a repository of many of the more thoughtful conservative voices, such as Megan McCardle and Andrew Sullivan (despite his hatred of Palin).  See also this article from the current issue by a leading conservative thinker on the future of the GOP.


Future of European Islam

Dealing With Looming Budget Deficits


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  1. The quality of this website has to be rated higher than high. Thanks for all the interesting links and your effort to put it all together.

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