Links for Week of 1/4/10 (inc. AQ attack, Iran)

I thought I’d try a new feature.  Every week I come across a half-dozen or so blog posts, news stories, etc., that I really like, and are the kind of stuff that is hard to just stumble across unless you know where to look.  Once a week–probably Fridays–I’ll do a post that links to them.  They’ll usually be related to major things in the news, or topics we’ve recebtly discussed, etc.  

This week’s I’ll post now/Wednesday, since Gary and Fred told me they wanted to discuss the Al Qaeda attack and Iran at tomorrow’s meeting.


  • How bad is it?
  • Maybe America’s best journalists, IMHO, on whether the U.S. in in decline (hint: no, but our political system is)
    Update:  This is one of the best articles on America’s future I’ve read in years.

POLICY (inc. Al Qaeda attack and Iran)


Finally, the joke of the week:  “Even if the bomb works, there’s going to be 72 very disappointed virgins.” –Jon Stewart on the Underwear Bomber




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