Future of Conservatism — great article

I came across this article today, from a young savant political analyst.


Update:  Regarding evaluations of Obama’s first year, they are already appearing like weeds after a San Diego rainstorm.  I’ll keep adding some of the better ones I find.  But, so as not to clutter up our front page, look for them under “links.”  That’s down the front page on the lower right.  The first one, from a prominent conservative, I’ll also put here.

Update, II;  Here’s a brilliant article on the future of liberalism and social democracy by the foremost American historian of modern Europe.  He writes with a deep background in the failures of both western social democracy and Marxism, but with befuddlement at the rise of U.S. conservatism.  I’m currently reading his very, very long but magesterial history of post-war Europe, plus I just found out that he has Lou Gehrig’s disease and is still writing even though he is a quadriplegic..


One response

  1. Personally, I feel that the Republican party have taken themselves completely out of the action, so far as leading the national forward, being simply a party of obstruction, fortunately ineffective.
    My own hope is that they continue as an increasingly small, irrelevant minority, so long as they pursue such a policy.

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