Broken Government — One More time

Three more slam dunks of how the GOP use of the filibuster is unprecedented and has wrecked government.  The first is from a total centrist, who says,

“The significant thing about filibusters through most of U.S. history is that they hardly ever happened. But since roughly the early Clinton years, the threat of filibuster has gone from exception to routine…”

Read on for more.  Also try “Unprecedented Abuse” and “A Dangerous Dysfunction”

And, here’s a chart to show what I mean:

GOP Breaks U.S. Government


8 responses

  1. Yes, this is the only recourse for a party facing a significant majority party that is trying to force legislation on entire population that is not supported by the majority of that population.

    It is the only current defense of The People’s will.

  2. The people’s will? Really? That’s what elections are for. The Democrats have:

    — 60 of 100 Senate seats, more than the Republicans had when they were ramming deficit-exploding tax cuts, unfunded wars, and financial deregulations through under Bush. Anyone who challenged this was called a weakling or a coward who was not supporting our president or our troops in “time of war.” Plus, as the links in my post said, the things the Democrats filibustered during the entire 8 years of Bush was about 5% of his judicial nominees.

    — 258 of 435 House seats, an 83-seat majority, also larger than the GOP ever had under Bush.

    — A president who won with 53% of the vote, more than any non-incumbent since LBJ in 1964; plus he ran on a very clear pledge to reform our health care system.

    Polls on health care go up and down depending on the week, the exact questions being asked, etc. Taken as a whole, the majority of the public very clearly supports reform–including the now killed public option to increase competition in monoplized insurance markets. To the extent they don’t, gee, do you think that six months of lie-based fearmongering about imaginary government takeovers of health care, death panels, and socialism have had anything to do with it?

    Still, thanks for your input. That’s what this website is for.

  3. I’d just like to endorse what David has said.
    If the people are against what is being done in the Senate, why did they return a Democratic president and strong majorities in both houses? Despite, incidentally, the undemocratic franchise of the Senate which gives Republicans from states like Wyoming undue representation.

    The filibuster can perhaps be justified as
    tool to defend the views of a minority.
    But if it is used to require a 60 vote majority in the Senate on every issue, it is being abused.

  4. For a nuanced understanding of how health care reform is really polling–beyond “people are for it or against it” soundbites you get in the press, see:

  5. In addition to which, we shall have an election in less than a year’s time.
    Will the 30+ million who will now have health insurance, thanks entirely to Democrats, go to the polls and express their
    gratitude? Will there be some sort of backlash from those who now have health coverage, as the Republican strategy seems to anticipate?

    Stay tuned.

  6. Are either of the 2 incompatible bills Constitutional ? Nah….But who cares as long as “something” is passed. (Just get Rahm to fix them in “conference” behind sealed doors: watch the next 4-6 weeks carefully if you wish to see a great country disappear).

  7. If they are unconstitutional, I’m sure the
    Supreme Court will rule them so.

  8. Americans can have their pockets picked by: Banks, Churches, Casinos, Wall Street, Insurance Companies,

    But who, in the minds of would-be “Conservatives,” is the source of all our troubles? The GUMINT. Big GUMINT. GUMINT and TAXES!

    Yours Truley P…ed Off
    Jim Wolner

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