Changes to Website

A few small changes to our site (h/t Ken).

  • You can more easily find “Recent Comments” to posts, in a box on the lower left of the main page.  Notice we’ve gotten a big thread going on cap and trade.
  • A “Books We Like” page on the upper right.  Just add any you like in comments and I’ll add them to the page, along with a link to

One response

  1. I’d like to suggest “The Invention of Peace” by Michael Howard, an influential British military historian.

    The book is a succinct review of the sociological factors involved in the last 1200 years of war and peace in the West. Four chapters: Priests and Princes (800-1789), Nations and Peoples (1789-1917), Idealists and Ideologues (1917-1990), and Tomohawks and Kalashnikovs (1990-2000). Only about 110 small pages.

    And his prose is a pleasure to read. The first book of his that I read was “War and the Liberal Conscience,” 30 years ago.

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