This Week’s Mtg on Sociology/Max Weber (12/3/9)

Max Weber was a groundbreaking social theorist from about 100 years ago.   He is most known for his view that the “Protestant work ethic” is a major factor that drives Western economic and cultural success.   It’s complicated stuff, so I’ll list several links now, and keep this post at the top of the website all week and add other links as I find them.  I’ll also try to add some links about the basics of sociology. entry on Weber

Weber entry in Stanford Philosophy Encyclopedia  (diffcult reading, to me)

What is Sociology?

For my part, I just read a great book on the history of the political Left in America.  It was very critical of what it says the far Left has done to social science in the past few decades, and hits sociology pretty hard.  I’ll be available to talk about that after Jim gives his presentation, but I don’t think it merits a separate presentation.


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  1. This is the wrong date. I believe Thursday is Dec. 3. People might be confused.

  2. Corrected. Thanks.

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