Reforming Congress (old 10/8/9 Mtg)

A couple of articles on a topic we discussed earlier.

First, the explosion of the use of the filibuster has fundamentally changed the Senate, and our ability to address national problems — in any way, according to anyone’s ideology or practical ideas for solutions.  I’ve mentioned this in the group several times.  I can’t stress enough how much it changes everything that one party has decided to block EVERYTHING the other side does.  It has never happened before in all of American history.

Second, how hard it will be to change that.

Third, a young savant of a blogger that I read daily, says:

“The filibuster prevents reform of Social Security as surely as expansion of health-care reform. It’s as bad for deficit hawks as it is for free-spenders. It’s as cruel to the Employer Free Choice Act as it is to corporate tax cuts. Democrats don’t hate the filibuster any more than Republicans. They just hate it at different times. The result, however, is that neither party can really enact its agenda when it’s in the majority…

“…Do I think [reform of the filibuster] is likely? Not really. Senators like the filibuster. It keeps them relevant when they’re in the minority. It makes their chamber a lot more powerful than in the House, and ensures that the leadership has to listen to their concerns more closely. But if any change is ever to happen, it’s going to require a long, long period of public education, and a recognition by grass roots and elites alike that the filibuster is bad for their side, as well as for the country.”

Spread the word.


One response

  1. However, the fact is the Democrats have 60 votes–barely–and it looks like they will be able to pass a health care bill. There
    may be a window of opportunity here in which Republican filibusters can be defeated.
    Whether this will continue after next year, remains to be seen. Probably not.

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