Homework for TH: A quick thought experiment

Okay, two of them:

1.  Which of the following words are Conservative, and which are Liberal?

Freedom, patriotism, capitalism, markets, opportunity, strength, faith, Christianity.

Tolerance, equality, community, family, cooperation, peace, liberty, diversity.

Now…why?  If you think someone else in our group would have put some of these terms in the other category, why do you think they would do that?  What values do these terms represent to them that they don’t to you?

2.  Which of the above moral values should be reflected in the public response to some of our country’s major public problems (we’ve discussed all of the following in the last two years)?

Criminal justice, Globalization and trade policy, war on terror, civil and equal rights, global warming, organized Labor, regulation of big corporations, Israel/Palestinians, health care.

See you there!


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