Schedule Changes

Two alterations to our November schedule.

Nov 12:  “Understanding the Cambrian Explosion” replaces “Understanding the Philosophy of G. Vico” which moves to Nov 19.  We wanted Norm to be able to do the Cambrian topic.

Nov 19:  “Understanding the Philosophy of G. Vico” replaces “Is Language Instinctive,” which will be dropped.

Nov 27:  Back on schedule.


2 responses

  1. David, et. al.: I’m serious; I predict a severe shift to the Right in the next couple of years. The up-state NY race may act as a spark to ignite the fuel needed by “conservatives” nativists, racists and the merely stupid (of which there is no shortage). I forsee a “Independent” presidential candidate in 2010 which will bury the traditional Republican party and defeat Obama. Not Palin, not Lieberman (although I bet he will try- I know it’s Leiberman but I prefer the “Lie”) Never have I resorted to hyperbolic, exagerated political predictions in the past; but the mood in the country ( being composed and conducted by talk radio and Fox News) worries me.

  2. Many people agree. My all-time favorite blogger put it thus:

    “…the conservatives are playing the long game and they know how to do it. They don’t care that they might lose in the short run or that the ruling elites think they are kooky. What they care about is that when the electorate looks to change horses, as it always does, the Republican Party will be firmly in the hands of the conservatives and further to the right when they last checked in.”

    I read her blog second every day: But, I still think that it will take a while for the Right to lived down its 8 year record of abject failure. If the Democrats can build momentum with a few major victories–health care, job-creation, withdrawal from Iraq–then it will snowball in 2010 and 2012. The public is pissed and should be. But, they will blame Dems only if we fail as dismally as the GOP did.

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