A GOP Split?

You may have heard about this.  I mentioned it in an  earlier post, but it’s turning out to be bigger than I thought and continues our discussion of the future of conservatism.  In a special election to fill a vacant NY state House race (the vote is this Tuesday), the Republican rift of Right vs. Far-Right may be widening ino a chasm. 

It’s been a spectacle.  The local Republican party chose as its nominee a center-right candidate to face the Democrat since, while the district is solid Republican, it voted for Obama and is, after all, in NY.  As often happens, there was a right-wing third party candidate, too.   But, this time all Hell broke loose.  The tea party types were outraged that a moderate (pro-choice and backed the Obama stimulus) was their nominee.  Palin, Beck, Romney, and others parachuted in and endorsed the Conservative Party guy, named Hoffman, and money and media attention followed.  Last Wednesday the Republican nominee was forced out dropped out, and yesterday she endorsed the Democrat. 

Does this signal a big split?  How long would it last?  Can the GOP stuff these guys back in the trunk before independents cement the tea partiers as the face of the Republican party?  WWFD (what will Fox do?)?

Herewith some background and opinions

Frank Rich at the NYT.

No More Mister Nice Blog  (angry, but fun to read)

Technical analysis of the race from the world’s best political analyst, in my view.  The article is a little technical, so only read it if you really care.  But I wanted to introduce any hard-core political junkies who hav e been living on the moon to this guy.  He’s a former sports statistician turned political analyst.  Since he can work with numbers–unlike 99% of journalists–he almost always is wiser because he uses data to back up his claims, not just conventional wisdom.  He predicted the 2008 elections almost perfectly, and became a star.  He’s no far leftie, either.


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