Fox’s Friends — More

Jeez, in my prior post I forgot the most important point.  Fox has been actively and openly organizing right-wing political rallies for months, something even Fox never did before the Democrats took charge.  It shamelessly promoted the tea party rallies, using endless hours of “news” stories to advertize them around-the-clock for weeks.  Glenn Beck devotes hour after hour day after day to his “9/12 movement’ and its rallies.  This is what an opposition party does, not a news network.  If Fox has ripped off its mask so blatantly and has ceased to even  pretend to be just a news purveyor, why should we?

This makes developments in an obscure off-season congressional race very significant.  In the NY-23 special election, Sarah Palin and many ultra-conservatives are backing a right-wing independent candidate, rather than the Republican nominee.  This could be nothing, or it could be a sign that the Frankenstein’s monster that the GOP created (its media-fed tea bagger beast) has started to slip its leash. 

And, if the GOP openly splits in the coming years, what will Fox do?  Stay neutral, and just focus on hammering the Democrats?  Side implicitely with the corporate wing of the party, as it always has before?  Or, might Fox openly support the tea baggers and Palin fringe that is promoted by some of its most popular show hosts, like Beck?  It was easy for Fox to choose sides when there were only two of them.  But this might not always be the case.

Ah, good times.


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