More on Conservativism (new study)

I’m switching to more substantive posts now that Gary is doing the weekly summaries. I’ll keep doing it until the group says it wants otherwise. If you don’t like what I say, join in.

Here’s a brand new survey-based study on the views of the right-wing (i.e., NOT all Republicans or all conservatives; but, since the right wing is exercising more and more influence on the GOP, at least for now, what they think is very important).

This study finds out what the hard right believes (by asking them) and tries to guess why. Interestingly, it argues that racial animus is NOT the main reason for these people’s hatred of Obama. Others disagree, but I thought this was interesting.

The first link is a short article about the new study, the second is the lengthy study itself.

1. Article.
2. Study itself.


One response

  1. DavidG again. I should have pointed out that many people think this study is bunk, and that open rascism is so obvious in the organized opposition to the President. He’s a foreigner, a closet Muslim, he’s going to “redistribute” our tax money to undeserving people. A Socialist. A radical. His wife hates America. It’s not rocket science to draw the obvious conclusions from all this.

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