This Week’s Meeting on Hinduism (10/15/9–with Links!)

Here are a few links to the basics of Hinduism. Since I know nothing about this topic, I cannot vouch for their reliability or quality, unlike some of the political/public policy links I give you.

1 ReligionFacts’s Hinduism entry: Many opics, beliefs to history to practices.

2. An on-line, gigantic encyclopedia of philosophy’s entry on Hinduism

3. BBC website topic, Hinduism:

4.’s Hinduism 101:

Gary said he would try really hard to get us a speaker or at least someone who practices the religion.


One response

  1. Gary did a great job of making Hinduism more confusing that it already is- thank God! (Whoa! I wrote “God.”) Deliver us from taking certain traitions seriously. I know we are all ” open” to unfamiliar faiths but a thinking person knows how to ignore some of the many mindless beliefs constructed over the centuries. Not all cultures deserve our reverence. So there!

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