SETI/Life on Other Planets–This Week’s Meeting (10/1/9)

“Is SETI and the Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe Money Well-Spent?” I may not be there, pending instructions from the Home World. But, seriously, folks, a few thoughts on this.

First, let’s remember to be respectful to any UFO true believers that show up.

Second, here’s some cool information from the website. Notice that the FAQ says that NASA’s SETI program was cancelled in 1993, and even then it was only 0.1% of NASA’s budget! Today’s SETI is a non-profit foundation that gets money from private sources (but still including NASA). I could not find a line item in the federal budget for “SETI,” so any project monies would be buried somewhere in there.

1. SETI homepage and Mission Statement
2. SETI FAQ: Very interesting!

Lastly, um, maybe it would be a good evening to reestablish our practice of discussing current events after the main topic. Afghanistan, perhaps? Iran’s nuclear program? Intelligent life here on Earth?


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