Last Week’s Meeting on Lawsuit Mania and Tort Reform(9/24/9)

Who knew this could be so interesting? A very engaged group of about ten, including returnees Jim W. and Anne T., debated the moral basis for Americans’ obsession over suing each other and its possible causes. Even without an opening presentation, we still went for 1 ½ hours plus.

The meeting focused mainly on causes. Some of us thought it was primarily a question of individual morality egged on by unique American cultural factors. Others stressed structural causes, like our tendency to “enforce” health and safety regulations by just relying on the civil legal system. I mentioned that a big problem with that is that all Americans just do not have equal access to our legal system. Linda, our lawyer, gave a semi-tutorial on the differences between civil and criminal law. At 9:30, Jim and Norm begged for mercy and we broke up.

We also touched again on medical malpractice insurance reform, and, after the meeting, I found this, a primer on ideas circulating for fixing that system.

I think our discussions of legal and constitutional issues are surprisingly good, and we should do more.


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