Health Care Reform: Options(Part 1) – This Weeks Meeting (9/10/9)

Health Care Reform: Options(Part  1)

Hoo, boy: “Health Care: The Options.” The first of two sessions on this topic.

This summer’s national “debate” on health care reform is the worst I’ve ever
seen in my 30 years of following public policy. The media have told people
nothing about what is being proposed, why it’s needed, or what it’s effects
might be. The GOP has ignored the legitimate arguments against reform in favor
of whipping up its rank and file’s hysteria with Death Panels and euthanasia
nonsense, and even repulsive Nazi analogies.

Someone has to talk about reality, and I guess you’re stuck with me. In a
(little bit) longer than usual opening presentation, I’ll explain what options
are really on the table and how they would—in theory—(1) expand coverage,
competition, and consumer choice, and (2) improve the quality Americans’ medical care while reducing cost growth. After my presentation, we can discuss anything people want, of course, including how the Democrats propose to pay for all of this.

It’s hard to find short, simple background pieces on this topic. But, see our
Links section for links to some of the better blogs on health care reform. I
just a good article on how reform would affect you from today’s Washington Post.


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